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    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certification

  • Summary

    American TESOL In-class combination is an interactive course which also includes online study. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain direct, personal contact with an experienced TESOL instructor, and to help individuals understand the different factors and elements that influence and stimulate effective teaching. Courses focus on the different ways, skills, methods, approaches, procedures and techniques that makes it easier to teach ESL. In-class courses are offered monthly, in small groups of between five to ten students.


    TESOL in-class programs offer 20 hours of training where students participate in practice teaching presentations, attend lectures, and learn about teaching English abroad. In-class training also includes online TESOL Advanced Certification, and Teaching with Technology Certification, totaling 140 hours. The cost is $1195.00. Contact American TESOL to receive more information, or enroll today.

  • Locations


    USA - Tampa, Florida & New York City, New York



  • Objectives

    • Examine the core knowledge of TESOL
    • Create ESL lesson plans
    • Assess and compare TESOL methods of teaching
    • Facilitate successful communication in the TESOL classroom


    • Correctly identifying methods and approaches to TESOL.
    •  Improvement of student achievement by creating a safe and shameless learning environment.
    •  Improvement of teacher confidence.
    •  Introduction to teaching ESL online.
  • TESOL In-class


    - Introductions
    - Overview of TESOL program (certificates and placement ect.)
    - American TESOL teacher's personal experiences in teaching TESOL abroad
    - Assessment of the American TESOL Student's goals and interests
    - Review of ESL proficiency levels. How to determine the student's level of proficiency
    - Tips on being an effective Cultural Guide
    - The characteristics of Adult Learners
    - Teaching the adult to read
    - Learning to read in another language
    - Worksheet indicating word order for student's independent composition of sentences
    - Example of lesson plan for presentation
    - Review of Guide to Lesson Plan (from the Educator's Reference Desk)

    - Review previous day's lessons
    - Review of the total physical response method and it's compatibility with adult ESL learners
    - Lesson Planning: General principles for planning lessons and the planning process
    - TESOL teaching methodologies
    - The American business culture in a nutshell
    - Lesson Planning template
    - Types of assessments
    - Email etiquette and exercise
    - Handout of Bilingual Resource Guide and Language Acquisition Chart

    - Review modifications and adjustments to first draft of lessons
    - Final teaching presentations

    TESOL In-class & Online

    Hybrid learning allows you to combine in-class and online study.


    Upon completion participants receive certificates in TESOL, and optional job placement teaching English abroad to adults or children. 


    TESOL certification issuance is based on successful
    completion of required assignments, lectures, quizzes, and thesis. 


    Participation requirements include a high school diploma, and fluency in English. Internet access is required to complete

    online studies.


    Online, participants access the TESOL Virtual Learning Center to interact live with American TESOL instructors, complete assignments, and view progress towards TESOL certification.

    American TESOL Institute

    8875 Hidden River Parkway, Suite 300
    Tampa, Florida 33637
    Email: info@americantesol.com
    Telephone: +1 - 813 - 975 - 7404
    Fax: +1 - 813 - 464 - 8032
    Toll Free: 1-877-748-7900

  • Competencies

    •  Consistently provide a classroom environment that is supportive to the latest trends of TESOL.
    • Design and implement ESL lesson plans that reflect best teaching practices, and target student ESL learning needs.
    • Demonstrate high expectations of all students learning.
    • Monitor and assess student progress.
    TESOL Certification Course Book


    American TESOL In-class hybrid
    program includes 3 e-books, and
    consists of assignments and readings
    from Cambridge University Teaching
    English to Speakers of Other Languages
    textbook. All materials are included in
    the tuition price.

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